About The USBGA

The U.S. Boer Goat Association (USBGA)

Four Important Facts About Our Association That You Should Know

1. USBGA is leading the industry with a new and innovative program that will change the way America recognizes the South African Boer Goat. This program will allow all American bred Boers to be certified and recognized as the finest Boer Goats in the world!
After five generations of breeding a full South African buck to any fullblood doe, the fifth generation offspring will be designated as "American Bred South African." Each one of these fifth generation animals will carry the distinction of ASASM behind their registration number. These American Bred South Africans will be registered in the USBGA with the"ASASM Breeder's Choice Registry" designation.
Subsequent offspring from ASASM animals will also have the ASASM designation.



2. It is easy to become a member and receive the benefits of the new USBGA. You simply join the association and register your new kids with USBGA. When submitting registration applications for your new kids please send a COPY of the sire and dam pedigrees. The pedigrees of the sire and dam will be entered into the USBGA registry database free of charge. The standard registration fees of $16 for fullblood/purebred and $8 for percentage will apply only to the kids and not their parents.


3. USBGA is the only registry that offers the "Show Anywhere" policy.
What this means for you is that your goats can be shown at any Boer Goat Association show under any licensed judge. Regardless of the show, you will receive a maximum of one credits for your win on your pedigrees in the USBGA.


4. USBGA is very proud of our integrity, continued commitment, and service to the industry. We have State Representatives spread throughout the U.S. to assist and serve members. USBGA supports and promotes the use of our Unified Boer Goat Judging Scorecard.
USBGA issues beautiful new registration certificates with a new theme. USBGA is a non-profit corporation whose pedigrees are accepted and recognized by all other Boer Goat Associations. We are proud of the following and support of our dedicated members. USBGA's goal is to remain the industry leader with innovative programs to support the magnificent Boer Goat and our membership.



P.O. Box 663
Spicewood, TX

Office: 866-66-USBGA
Fax: 877-640-4060
E-mail: office@usbga.org


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