Frequently Asked Questions

Everything looks good on the information that you sent to me about my show. The only other question that I have is about the finishing order or final results for each class, is that on another form that you will send me later or what?

The USBGA tracks the Grand and Reserve Champions of each of our official shows. That is how the Ennoblement program works to keep correct documentation of the points members earn. We will send a show box that you will receive shortly before your show. ( we do not send it too early as some folks misplace them)

In that box will be a Report of Champions, a three part official form and all of the Rosettes required by your classes. The ROC is used by the Show secretary is to fill out with information of the Grand and Reserve Champions from your show.

The Judge will select the Grand Champion and read the tattoo. If the tattoo does not match the registration paper that animal will be excused and will not be listed on the Report of Champions. The judge will then choose another Grand Champion and upon correct identification with the registration paper that animal will be listed as Grand Champion on the Report of Champions.


That report will contain blanks for notations of the tattoos and the registration numbers of each of the champions. The exhibitors are responsible to certify that each line of their win is correctly recorded and then sign off on it as a security signature that allows the win to be recorded, in the USBGA Office, on their champion. At the bottom of the three part form is a place for the Show Chairperson, the Show Secretary and the USBGA OFFICIAL JUDGE to sign. The Show Secretary keeps one copy the Judge takes two copies and keeps one of the two records and sends remaining one to the USBGA Office "postmarked" within ten days of the show. That way the information is in three places after the show.

Our rule on the Report of Champions is very strict. Nothing can be changed on the report after the Judge signs it. If a mistake is found the Official Shows Committee Chairperson must be contacted to allow any changes to be made. Since there are three copies in three different places we feel we have the most secure documentation of show wins anywhere. Good luck on your show!






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