Frequently Asked Questions


  • What happens to my lifetime membership when I retire?

When a lifetime member decides that they no longer want to be in the business or have a membership with USBGA they may transfer their lifetime membership to someone else if they so choose.


  • Can I register an animal that is registered with another association with USBGA?

Yes!  USBGA accepts registrations from ALL associations ALL of the time!  We are always happy to "dual register" or"transfer" a registration from another association.


  • Do I have to be a member to transfer an animal that I have purchased that is currently registered with USBGA into my name?

No!  Members or non-members can register or transfer animals into their name.  A current membership with USBGA will however get you the lower prices.


  • Can I register my Boer doe even if her sire & dam were not registered?

Yes!  We have a Native on Appearance program to help breeders build their breed in an honest manner.  With out Native on Appearance program we are able to register a doe whose sire & dam were not previously registered as 50% Boer based on photographs of the animal that are submitted.  This animal then can be bred with Fullblood bucks or higher percentage bucks to build your herd.  With this program we are able to discourage dishonesty with bloodlines and pedigrees.


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